Addressed by Mr. Duong Anh Dien, Secretary of the Haiphong City’s Party Committee, Chairman of Haiphong City People’s Council At the 60th anniversary of Haiphong's Liberation Day (13 May 1955 – 13 May 2015)
25/05/2015 - 15:18

Addressed by Mr. Duong Anh Dien, Secretary of the Haiphong City’s Party Committee, Chairman of Haiphong City People’s Council
At the 60th anniversary of Haiphong's Liberation Day
(13 May 1955 – 13 May 2015)

Your Excellency Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung, member of Politburo, Central Party Committee, Prime Minister
Dear the Leaders, former leaders of the Party and the Government of Vietnam,
Leaders of ministries, departments and agencies at the central levels, and leaders from various cities and provinces,
International distinguished guests,
Revolutionary Veterans, Vietnamese Heroic mothers,
Former leaders of Haiphong City,
Compatriots and Comrades

Today, amidst the glorious ambience of the historical days in May, we are meeting to joyfully and proudly organize a solemn celebration to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Haiphong City, a major and victorious event in the history of our heroic port city.

On behalf of the Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee and the Fatherland Front of Haiphong City, I would like to convey to the leaders and former leaders of the Party and the State, leaders of ministries, departments and agencies at the central levels, representatives of cities and provinces, international guests, revolutionary veterans, Vietnamese heroic mothers, and all of you my warmest greetings, good health wishes and sincere gratitude. I would also like to extend to cadres and party members, officers and soldiers of the armed forces of the City; Haiphong’s fellow countrymen across the country and all over the world, my warmest greetings and congratulations.

Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

Looking forward to these historic days in May, the City’s Party Committee and local government, and the people across urban center and suburb, continent and island, with the happy and confident spirits, have been proudly implementing various robust activities. All departments and agencies as well as the citizens have been making every effort to fulfil annual socio-economic tasks and secure national defence and security, as well as organizing various cultural, arts and sports activities. Many major and vital projects have been started, sped up and soon opened, which makes us feel more confident and more proud of our dynamic and growing city. We stay firm and head towards the 15th City Party Congress and the 12th National Party Congress.
Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

At this very sacred and touching moment, we pay tribute with deepest gratitude to our great President Ho Chi Minh who expressed special sentiments towards our city and people, paying nine visits to Haiphong. We pay sincere tribute to our predecessors, heroes, heroic martyrs, comrades and compatriots who sacrificed and dedicated their whole life to the struggle for liberation, construction and development of our Haiphong and our country. We have always enshrined in our hearts the gratitude to revolutionary veterans, former city leaders, Vietnamese heroic mothers, families with meritorious contribution to the country, heroes of the armed forces, labour heroes, war invalids, patriots, intellectuals as well as all classes of the people for their great contribution towards the construction, defence and development of the city over the past 60 years.

Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

Haiphong City was established in the eastern coast of Northern Vietnam, which holds a geo-economic and geo-military strategic position for the entire nation. The people of Haiphong have ardent patriotism, courage, loyalty, and invincibility as well as always staying firm and pioneering in the hardest circumstances, making major contribution towards the construction and defence of our country.

We are most proud that at the very beginning of our history of national construction, Haiphong people followed the female general Le Chan to explore and establish An Bien village, the original name of present-day Haiphong, and joined the two Trung sisters in order to gain national independence.

We are most proud of the contribution of Haiphong people towards gaining glorious victories on the Bach Dang River, which defeated any hopes of aggression by foreign enemies.

We are most proud of the years in early 20th century when Haiphong was chosen by Nguyen Ai Quoc, President Ho Chi Minh to receive, promote and combine the Marxism–Leninism theory with the proletarian and patriotic movements inside the nation, leading to the birth of Vietnamese Communist Party on February 3rd, 1930 and the City’s Communist Party Committee in April, 1930.

Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

Dien Bien Phu Victory on May 7th 1954 forced the French Colonial to sign Geneva Agreement ending war in Vietnam. While other provinces in Northern Vietnam enjoyed peace and freedom, the Party, army and the people of Haiphong still struggled bravely and unyieldingly in the regrouping zone from where French Colonial withdrew all troops within 300 days. And just in the morning of May 13th 1954, our army, including Haiphong’s outstanding people marched to liberate Haiphong amidst the joys and cheers of thousands of people.

Such liberation resulted from the revolutionary process commencing in April 1930. Under the leadership of the Party, many generations of Haiphong people had made unyielding struggles and pioneered in national revolutionary movements, contributing towards the great victory of the August Revolution in 1945. It was a victory for Haiphong that ‘went first, came last’ during about 10 years of the Resistance War against the French Colonial Aggression. This war broke from November 20th 1946, marked with the struggle of "sacrifice for the life of the nation" led by Haiphong soldiers and compatriots in order to protect the Opera House. There were many victories that entered into our history such as the Brave Battle on Road No.5, the Unyielding Fighting on Road No.10, the Fiery So Dau – Cat Bi, and many others.

In this respect, the day of May 13th, 1955 has become a milestone of our history as President Ho Chi Minh affirmed that the day marked complete liberation of Haiphong and afterwards the North of Vietnam was fully liberated, and all stepped into a new historic period.

Sixty years are not a long period as compared to the thousand year history of our homeland. Under the leadership of the central party and Uncle Ho, Haiphong goes together with the entire country to achieve great and historic victories. The city’s party committee, army and the people of Haiphong have devoted sweat and blood, wisdom, talent, energy, and wealth to making its tradition of ‘loyalty, bravery and determination-to-win’, solidarity, dynamics, creativity, and have recorded major and glorious victories.

Immediately after the liberation and during ten years (1955-1965), the City’s party committee, army and the people of Haiphong had prompt actions to restore the economy, heal the wounds of war, make emulation movements in production and build up the socialism.

Transforming from a colonial city, Haiphong became a port city, the biggest international transport centre in the North as well as an industrial centre of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and it had a large agricultural land. Marked with the creativity of the working class and the people of Haiphong, it was home to such emulation movements as the Coastal Wave Movement in industrial production, and the socialist teamwork organizing movement in the North. It was also a departure of ‘no-number’ ships carrying weapons for the battles in the South, which created the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea.

With the spirit of “All for Beloved South”, “For the sister ties with Da Nang and Go Cong”, the cadres, soldiers and compatriots of Haiphong wholeheartedly supported and cared for thousands of juniors and teenagers in the South who regrouped to the North in order to study, grown up and come back to continue with the struggles, thereby becoming ‘red seeds’ of the revolutionary South. Many of them became high-ranking leaders of the Party, State and the armed forces.

During 10 years (1965-1975), Haiphong stood firm, took up long struggles, made good production and won outstanding victories, contributing towards stopping two wars of destruction and blockade waged by the US Imperial Air Force and Navy, so as to defend the North and wholeheartedly support the South, winning over the US aggression and unifying the entire nation.

Due to being a port and a big gateway to connect Vietnam and the socialist countries as well as the world, Haiphong had been targeted and exterminated by the US Imperial air fighters and warships in both wars of destruction and blockade. With the strong determination to struggle against the US aggression, the City’s Party Committee, army and the people of Haiphong stood firm, fought creatively and bravely, won special victories, and together with the army and the people of Capital Hanoi made a “Dien Bien Phu in the air victory”.

Although fiercely attacked, the transport routes from Haiphong port always run smoothly, and helped transport a large number of weapons, materials and cargoes to the battles. The army and the people of Haiphong did not only struggle bravely but also made good production, stabilized well people’s living conditions and supported wholeheartedly the South frontier with their wealth and energy. For this, Uncle Ho sent his commendation letters and awarded the Flag of “Determination to Win over US Imperial Aggression” for three times. And the city was awarded by the Party and the State the title of “Armed Force Hero”.

After the national reunification and advancing the socialism, the City’s Party Committee, army and the people of Haiphong developed its dynamics and creativity and gained many proud achievements during 1975-1985.

Facing with numerous hardships because the country and the city had just escaped from two protracted wars, Haiphong promoted the democratic spirits, relying on the people, following the guidelines of “People know, people discuss, people do, people verify”, studying and summarizing good models or creative how-tos at the grassroots levels, making a breakthrough in production, and gaining many results in sea reclamation, urban management and development. Realities of Haiphong were partly reflected in the formation of our Party’s comprehensive renovation policy today.

In about 30 years of following the renovation policy and implementing the industrialization and modernization process, the City’s Party Committee and the people of Haiphong developed our victorious revolutionary tradition, united and agreed with each other, overcame the hardships, made every effort and gained many major achievements which created positive and profound changes in many fields.
Together with the whole country, Haiphong stepped out of the socio-economic crisis during late 1980s and 1990s, and entered into an industrialization and modernization process. For the first 15 years of the 21st century, the 12 years of implementing the Resolution No.32 by the Politburo (the ninth term) regarding the construction and development of Haiphong City in the industrialization and modernization process, the City’s Party Committee, local government, army and the people of Haiphong have tried hard to overcome the difficulties and challenges, and made rather comprehensive and major results.

Inheriting from and developing the previous achievements, the City, though facing with severe difficulties in terms of capital loans and market conditions as well as allocating significant resources to maintain the social security, has made every effort and gained major results in the last 5 years thanks to the leadership and wholeheartedly support of the Central Party, National Assembly and the Government, in which its economic capacity and scale was enhanced and enlarged, with GDP of the year 2015 estimated at 1.52 times that of the year 2010. It has attracted the most FDI projects so far, with a total capital in this 5-year plan estimated at 1.5 times greater than that accumulated in the previous years. Of which, there have been many large-scale and high-tech projects invested by major and reputable corporations across the world. The city’s economic space has been enlarged and its exportation reached out to 118 countries and territories. The city has determined new approach to development, renovating its growth model, making proper shift in economic structure, and taking advantages of a port city.

Infrastructure has developed steadily and many strategic infrastructure development projects are being implemented such as Hanoi – Haiphong express way, Haiphong international gateway port in Lach Huyen, Tan Vu – Lach Huyen road and bridge, Cat Bi international airport, etc. This offers Haiphong a good position and a dynamic drive for a breakthrough in the coming years.

Urban planning and management has made progress. Extended and upgraded metropolitan areas help transform the urban appearance in a green, civilized and modern manners and imbued with Haiphong’s identity.

Industrialization and modernization in agriculture and rural development has been of great concern and concentrated, seeing significant changes and technological application in farming. Rural areas have witnessed many changes and the living conditions of the farmers have been improved. The new rural development program has initially gained results. Environmental protection and management as well as resources allocation is of much concern.

Cultural and social life has made a positive progress, the people’s material and spiritual life has continued to be promoted and enhanced. Many festivals and various cultural activities are organized in order to improve their spiritual life, especially the Festival of Red Flamboyant Flower, which is held annually, imbued with our identity.

Education and training develops comprehensively in terms of scale and quality. Haiphong is the only city throughout the nation where students gain high prizes in international contests for consecutive 20 years. Technological and scientific capacity increases. Health care makes a significant progress. Poverty eradication and caring for the persons with meritorious contribution to the country as well as social protection have been done properly.

Administrative reform has been speeding up. Corruption fighting, thrifty practice and waste prevention as well as the policy of democracy at the grassroots have initially made a positive result.

The organizational building work of the Party and the political system has been carried out comprehensively. Authorities at all levels continue to renovate their operations effectively. Combining the implementation of the Central Party’s Resolution 4 (the 11th term) regarding some urgent issues of present Party building work and the movement “learning and following the ethnic example of Ho Chi Minh” has led to significant changes among cadres, party members and the masses. Besides, national defence and security has been strengthened and firmly safeguarded.

Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

Looking back on the last 60 years of struggling, constructing, defending and developing our city, we are very glad and proud that Haiphong City though facing with many hardships, constraints and even weaknesses, has made a breakthrough in terms of scale, position and development level. The people’s material and spiritual life has greatly improved. As always, the City makes major contributions towards the country.

Such proud and great achievements result from the leadership of Vietnamese Communist Party and our beloved Uncle Ho, the contribution of wisdom, sweat and blood by numerous heroes, martyrs and generations of Haiphong people, as well as timely and effective directions and support by the Central Party, the National Assembly, the Government and ministries, department and agencies at the central level, cooperation and support from cities and provinces throughout the country, and international friends. On this solemn celebration, on behalf of the City’s Party Committee, authorities and the people of Haiphong, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Central Party, the State, the National Assembly, the Government, Vietnam Fatherland Front, ministries, departments and agencies at the central level, cities and provinces, compatriots, comrades and international friends. I would also like to pay tribute to heroic martyrs, Vietnamese heroic mothers, and soldiers who had made great contributions towards our city’s cause of defence, construction and development. I would like to sincerely thank all cadres, party members and the people of Haiphong port City, who have directly made huge achievements.

Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

Apart from our great achievement, our city has been facing with a number of weaknesses and shortcomings. Economic development is not commensurate with its potentialities and advantages, and it is still unstable. Industry, tourism, financing, commerce, urban development, and transport has made a slow progress. State administration has shown certain constraints and limitations, especially in the field of land management. Cultural and social development in certain aspects is not commensurate with the requirements. Some part of population is still living in difficulty. Social evils and crimes still occur complicatedly. Quality of party building work and mass mobilization seems to be superficial at some time somewhere. Part of cadres, party members and civil workers do not make a good example, which have bad effects on the people’s confidence.
The City’s Party Committee, the People’s Council and the People’s Committee seriously criticize itself and take all responsibilities before the Central Party and the people of Haiphong for these weaknesses and shortcomings, and try to overcome in the coming time.

Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

Our great achievements of historic significant in the last 60 years are precious property in terms of both material and spiritual values, setting up a firm foundation and a dynamic drive for a breakthrough development in the coming years. The City’s Party Committee and the people of Haiphong continue to grasp and implement the policy of “economic development defined as the central task, Party’s building work as the key task and cultural development as society’s spiritual foundation”. In the next 5 years, thoroughly grasping the Conclusion No. 72 by the Polibureau, we need to draw every effort to meet the development targets: “taking maximum advantages and resources, renovating growth model, increasing competitiveness, speeding up the industrialization and modernization process, creating fast and breakthrough development in order to make Haiphong become a highly competitive centre of industry and commerce, a key marine economic development zone in the country, an educational, health care, scientific and technological centre in the coastal Northern Vietnam, a vital transport hub and main gateway connecting northern provinces to the sea, as well as continuing to enhance the material and spiritual life of people, building up an impregnable fortress of national defence and security, having firm party’s organizations and political system, and looking to transforming Haiphong into a green, civilized and modern port city.”

In achieving successfully those targets, we should keep improving leadership and struggling capacity of the City’s Party Committee, developing strength of solidarity in the masses, closely linking with the central instructions and coordinating with the cities and provinces, as well as being active and creative to grasp opportunities, overcome challenges, and ‘dare to think, dare to do and dare to take responsibility’. We should try to make a strategic breakthrough in renovating economic structure, growth model, investment and business environment, and competitiveness in order to attract more investment. We continue to better urban planning and development as well as using and managing effective resources and environment. New rural development program must be implemented effectively. Cultural development, social security and equality, and human resources must be addressed properly to meet the development requirements. Socio-economic development, national defence, external relations, corruption fighting must be all dealt with so as to create a stable environment for a breakthrough development in the City.

Dear Compatriots and Comrades,

Today, looking back on our past and heading towards the future, we become more inspired and proud of and highly appreciate what we have done, rethinking about what yet to be done so as to overcome. We fully understand incomparable values of independence, freedom, peace, stability and development, thus become more confident in the cause of constructing and developing our city and our country.

Haiphong is having great opportunities for breakthrough development but it is still facing with a number of difficulties and challenges. Each party member, soldier and everyone who has been working or studying in the city or elsewhere across the country should follow the homeland’s traditions, showing our patriotism, national self-reliance and self-determination and citizen’s responsibilities, uniting into one uniform block and making good contributions towards the cause of constructing and developing our city and our country in the high hope that Haiphong City would soon become a green, civilized and modern port city.

We are confident that under the leadership of the Central Party, the National Assembly and the Government, the support and assistance from ministries, departments and agencies at the central levels, from cities and provinces across the country and international friends, we – our City’s Party Committee, authorities, the people, and armed forces are determined to develop our glorious traditions over 60 years of struggling, construction and development. We are committed to grasp opportunities, overcome any challenges and continue to write new historic pages, making great contribution towards the cause of constructing and developing our city and our country at a fast speed and sustainably.

Long live the glorious Communist Party of Viet Nam!
Long live the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam!
Great President Ho Chi Minh live forever in our cause!

Thank you very much.

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